Naugatuck Railroad

Naugatuck Railroad

Industrial Development

Our local team works closely with many towns, realtors, contractors, and state agencies. Being customer focused, we will gladly work with you to locate an ideal site or building on our system that will let you start shipping or receiving by rail. We have successfully worked on many projects and are ready to put our knowledge to work for you. Contact our Industrial Development team today for more information.

Railcar Routing Information

The Naugatuck Railroad's scheduled inter-change with Pan Am Railways (Waterbury, CT) allows us to easily connect with many short line railroads across New England as well as connect to CSX, NS, CP, and CN. Our interchange with Pan Am allows our customers the most optimum routing as well as more competitive pricing. Our team will be more then happy to assist you with any routing information you may need as well as work to best accommodate any shipping restrictions you may have. Contact our Marketing team for more information.

Shipping Information

General Circular - NAUG-001

Conditions of Carriage - NAUG-002

Flagging Tariff - NAUG-003

System Map - MKT-003

Weight Limit Information - NAUG-005

Connecting Carriers - NAUG-006

Request a Rate - MKT-002